To Begin : A List

Things I Love

  • Books
  • Cats
  • Hamsters
  • Coffee
  • Walking in the sun
  • Curling up inside when it rains
  • Good independent coffee shops
  • The ‘My Favourite Murder’ podcast
  • Having a good gym session
  • Chocolate buttons
  • Board game evenings
  • Sleeping
  • Hot chocolate
  • Neil Diamond
  • Books (they deserve a double mention)

Thing I Do Not Love

  • Bad skin days
  • ‘Feeling fat’ days
  • Jumpy dogs
  • Big crowds
  • Being patronised
  • Office jobs
  • Personalised ads on social media
  • Nights when it’s too hot to sleep
  • Coconut


I’m hoping, in a nervous-to-write-a-proper-blog-post sort of way, that this will give you a little bit of insight into the kind of sloth I am. I’m not sure I did a very good job.

(also, I cheated… this was actually two lists – what a way to start a blog! On cheating and lies!)

Essentially, you will find a lot of posts on this blog about self-care that include things from the top list: Listening to true crime podcasts, exercising, reading great books, and spending time with your pets.
You will not find a lot of posts suggesting that you go to loud crowded places, try to stroke an over-enthusiastic dog and eat some coconut.

And that’s me!


The Self-Care Sloth

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