A hand holds a hot chocolate with marshmallows next to an open book.

The Best Book Genres for a Cosy Night In

What do we want? A cosy night in! When do we want it? Now!

Oh yes, I am in full-on cosy mode. It helps that I’ve been ill this weekend so I’ve been wrapped up in bed most of the time anyway, but I am really in the mood for a long evening spent with a hot chocoloate, a fluffy blanket, and a good book.

A hand holds a hot chocolate with marshmallows next to an open book.
The three perfect ingredients: hot chocolate, fluffy blanket, good book.

Personally, I think there are some book genres that lend themselves to cosiness and Autumn evenings more than others, and in this post, I’ll be sharing my top 3 suggestions of genre, along with a few book recommendations.

All book titles are linked to their pages on the Book Depository website. I love the Book Depository and would always recommend it over other online book retailers. For full disclosure, please note that all links to the Book Depository in this post are affiliate links. This costs you no extra money, but means that if you buy the book I earn a small commission. 

1. Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is, for me, a go-to autumnal genre. Something about lavish castles, royal courts and family drama just gets me hooked for a long evening reading session. My favourite historical period to read about has always been the Tudor period, or the Elizabethan era. For that reason, my number one recommendation for a historical fiction read this Autumn is the Philippa Gregory classic, The Other Boleyn Girl. Far superior to any of the film adaptations, Gregory’s book is a romantic and mysterious read that will keep you turning the pages for hours on end. (Bonus TV recommendation: The Tudors! Who remembers that show? My absolute favourite!)


2. Fantasy/High Fantasy

Much in the same vein as historical fiction, the vast settings, sword fighting and elfish charm of fantasy is perfect for a cosy night of reading. Sometimes you can’t beat a dwarvish quest or a battle for the throne, and there’s something about classics such as Lord of the Rings that have that wintery feel to them. Plus, fantasy novels are usually quite lengthy books, which means you need the long winter nights to get stuck into them!

I would of course recommend the  Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Hobbit. (How gorgeous is this box set?! I’ve got my on this for sure!)

The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings Boxed Set

I would also recommend reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series, aka ‘Game of Thrones’. If you’re brave enough that is! These are weighty books, packed full of detail, but well worth the commitment if you can stick with them. Let’s just hope George R. R. Martin eventually gets round to writing the next book!

3. Chick Lit

As much as I have a few fundamental issues with the term ‘chick lit’ (perhaps a discussion for another day!) I do think that this lighthearted, feminine genre has a place on this list. When the cold dark nights are drawing in and the balmy summer evenings filled with mojitos are long behind us, a feel-good romantic comedy can be just the remedy.

The summer holiday reads you see advertised everywhere in July and August aren’t my first choice for a September read, but there are a lot of great ‘chick-lit’ titles out there that I like to reach for when I want a relaxing night in with a glass of wine and a bar of chocolate. My recommendation would be the ultimate in funny-girl icons, Bridget Jones.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

There they are, my recommendations for a cosy night in of reading and relaxing. What would be your number one recommendation?



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27 thoughts on “The Best Book Genres for a Cosy Night In

  1. I definitely veer towards historical fiction this time of year! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read and reread all of Phillippa Gregorys Tudor novels, but they’re just so good on a cold dark day. Sophie Kinsella would be my next go to for an easy autumn read.

    Cordelia || cordeliamoor.com

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  2. I love reading historical fiction! I’ve been reading a lot set in victorian britain, but currently my favourites are about the american civil war. An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole is my absolute favourite and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in historical fiction!

    I also really like the first Bridget Jones book, but as the series goes on I prefer the movies to the books. I’m not sure why but they just seem to lose their charm the further we get in the series.

    I’ve found that classics have put me in a autumn/wintery mood. I’m reading Jane Eyre right now and Pride & Prejudice is next on my list!

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    • Ooh good call on the classics! Frankenstein has been high on my list for ages so I might read that. I’ve never read Pride & Prejudice, let me know what it’s like!
      I’ve never read any American historical fiction, mostly because I don’t know anything about that era of history. Maybe I’ll give your recommendation a go. Thanks for the great comment! 🙂


  3. I couldn’t agree with your recommendations more! You chose several of my all time favorites and now have me wishing it wasn’t 90 and muggy out so I could curl up with hot cocoa and read. Guess I can make due with iced tea.

    Great piece!

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  4. Historical fiction and fantasy – you’ve got me there! My need to curl up with a book just grew. I’m looking forward to the hot chocolate and fluffy blanket type of weather now. Lovely post.

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  5. I love all of these book choices! I also loved The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory. I read that one staying in a cottage in summer in Granada, near the Alhambra where part of the book was set. Would be great any time of year though 🙂

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  6. I loved “The Other Boleyn Girl” and all the Bridget Jones books! I’m currently reading “How Do You Like Me Now” by Holly Bourne.. it’s been dubbed as a modern Bridget Jones and it’s really insightful, especially for our modern lives and the blogging generation. I’m really enjoying it and it’s certainly making me think!

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  7. I have to admit I’ve never really considered historical fiction but the way you make it sound so perfect. I have a soft spot for castles and drama and anything regal. I’ve never read The Other Boleyn Girl but I’ll definitely be checking it out! I tried reading the first in the ASOFAI series but for some reason I kept putting it down – does it get better the further along the series you get? I don’t want to end up getting so confused with the different points of view either haha. I’m awful at recommending (that’s pretty bad for a book blogger, isn’t it?) but what I’ve read recently are among some of my favourite books, especially This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada, which is kind of a dystopian, as is Scythe by Neal Shusterman. And Caraval by Stephanie Garber is a really interesting fantasy novel. I was hooked from the beginning!

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    • Definitely give it a go, I love a good historical romp! 🙂
      I think if you found the first ASOIAF tough then the rest of the books will be worse! I must admit I found them really tough at times – there are so many different points of view! Worth it for a great story though.
      I really want to read Caraval – it’s on my list of books to get my hands on soon!

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  8. Chick lit for me all the way. I am actually not a great book reader as I only read chick lit and self help books rarely. I love collecting books which is different from reading them. I am trying to Somewhat to create a new habit where I need to start reading atleast 3-5 pages a day to get started and increase it in 1 chapter a day when I’m comfortable with it. I love how booklovers or bookworms get to share stories about the books they have read and the lessons they have learned. I should get started.

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    • I am a huge book collector!
      Definitely get reading though – it makes you enjoy and value those books so much more! Sounds like a great plan, a little bit every day is good.
      And reading chick lit and self help doesn’t make you less of a reader! Everyone enjoys and chooses different genres 🙂


  9. I definitely enjoying fantasy books this time of year and The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit have always been favourites of mine. I’ve never read the Song of Fire and Ice books but really enjoy the Game of Thrones TV show so they are on my TBR list.

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  10. […] Keep BusyPerhaps the most obvious tip if you’re waiting for something – keep busy! If you’re job prospects are resting on your phone ringing, the worst thing you can do is sit and stare at it all day! Make sure it’s on loud and you have signal, then just put it to one side and find something else to do.It could be a hobby, a film, a day out with family or friends, whatever works to take your mind off the thing you’re waiting for. For me, reading a good book usually does the trick. If you’re looking for some reading recommendations, try this post. […]


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