My Checklist For A Perfect Weekend

Having just thoroughly enjoyed the long weekend, I’ve been considering what a perfect weekend would look like to me…

I do like to have something to do at the weekend, and to be honest I usually have preparation to do for the working week ahead, but to have at least one day that is totally free for me to do what I want with is absolute bliss. When I have that time to myself, these are the things that make it a perfect relaxing weekend:

  1.  A good book

    Reading a book
    This has to be top of the list! The weekend is the time that I get most of my reading done and one of my favourite things is to spend a lazy Sunday morning in bed with a cup of coffee and my book. And on that note…

  2. A strong cup of coffee
    I am a coffee-lover and so my ideal weekend usually involves plenty of cups of the stuff! Me and Mr W love to go out for coffee, but we are trying to save a bit of money at the moment, so we are tending to opt for a cup of coffee at home. We were really lucky to be given some ground coffee by Bill’s when we went there for breakfast after our wedding, and that’s a firm favourite of mine at the moment.

  3.  A workout
    Ask the sloth of five years ago if her perfect weekend would have included a workout and she’d laugh in your face! But now I really love to go and get my sweat on to feel like I’ve used my weekend wisely. At the moment I’m loving either hitting up my local parkrun (I’d really recommend them if you haven’t tried it before!) or going to the gym for a Les Mills class early on a Saturday morning. Getting a workout in early just makes me feel productive and energised for the rest of the weekend.

  4. My cat

    As well as being an avid reader and a coffee-lover, you should also know that I am a massive cat person! I love my cat and the weekend is when I get to curl up and spend some quality time with him. (Usually with my book and coffee too, all in one!)
    His name is Felix and we rescued him last September, at the age of 7. He was seriously overweight and very nervous, but with some love and care, we’ve now got a very loving, friendly, healthy cat who I love spending time with. Self-care = cat cuddles!

  5. Chocolate

    Yep, another food one! Honestly though, who doesn’t love chocolate? Add it to the book, coffee and cat combo up above and you’ve got a 100% perfect Sunday morning.

  6. A pub quiz

    There’s a really good pub quiz at one of our locals every Sunday evening and I’ve recently started to really enjoy going along. It’s a cheap and cheerful night out, a great conversation starter and a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone! If you like learning new things and can get a team together, I’d really recommend seeing if there’s a good quiz near you.

  7. A nap

    Now, I know I’m not alone here – as a grown woman of 26, I can’t explain how much I love a nap on a weekend afternoon. After a long week of work, it’s all I need!

    white bed comforter
    Photo by Jaymantri on


So they’re my seven ingredients to make a perfect weekend. What would your ideal weekend look like? I’d love to know! Maybe we can all get some new ideas for weekend activities in the comment section?






P.S – I now have a ‘Currently’ page if you want to know what I’m currently reading, watching and enjoying.


11 thoughts on “My Checklist For A Perfect Weekend

  1. My ideal weekend is coffee and croissants in bed with a magazine, a gentle workout or some yoga, roast dinner with crumble and custard for dessert and a walk in the countryside. Oh and a long bath with my magazine and preferably no other people involved at all (even in the distance on my countryside amble).

    Yours sounds perfect to me ❤

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    • That sounds amazing – a walk by yourself in the countryside and a cup of coffee… I’m sold!
      I’m starting to get into yoga as well, it’s good for a Sunday. Hope you’ve had a good weekend 🙂

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  2. Great post however if I can swap the coffee and the cat for cups of tea and dogs then it certainly would be the perfect weekend for me! I love a good workout but at the moment I am favouring yoga practices.

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  3. This sounds pretty perfect to me! I don’t have a cat and would swap coffee for tea, but other than that, sign me up! I know what you mean about having a workout making it feel like a productive weekend and I did have to indulge in a nap today, but that was more because I was just so tired. Great post!

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  4. This sounds great to me! I also love a good book. My favorite thing is playing with my daughter and doing things with my family!

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  5. This sounds like a gorgeous relaxing day!
    Mine would definitely include a morning walk over the South Downs with my boyfriend and dog before settling down on the sofa with a huge cup of tea and a good book. Then a huge portion of spaghetti bolognese in the evening which is definitely my comfort food – ideal for a relaxing day🌞 x

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