My Self-Care Wishlist

Self-care should be, and most often is, completely free and accessible to anyone at any time.
There are plenty of activities you can do for free that might help pick up your mood. However, sometimes there are some small (or not so small) things that can help us to calm down, relax or feel better.

Here is my wishlist of items that I would like to help me with my self-care. (Full credit goes to Mommin In The Real World who I originally saw post this style of list.)

  1. A gravity blanket

    This is the big one – I would absolutely love a gravity blanket. I do find that my reactions to my anxiety are quite sensory-based and that I react badly to noise/light/smells when I’m anxious. On top of this, I do find pressure helpful. I think I would be able to relax so much with a weighted blanket but the gravity blanket itself is just so expensive!

  2. The Lush ‘Comforter’ Bubble Bar

    Self-care isn’t always about a bubble bath, and I’m not much of a bath bomb person usually – but I make a huge exception for the Comforter bubble bar! It’s not a glittery bath bomb and it lasts for multiple baths, so it’s just a bit more me (and a bit more budget-friendly). It has a marshmallowey scent that I find so comforting – hint the name, I suppose! I really want to treat myself to another of these soon.

  3. A Good Guided Journal / Gratitude Journal

    Last Summer, I started getting into journalling and I did see the benefits for a little while. However, I found that I just didn’t want to spend lots of time journalling, and didn’t really know where to go with it. I’d love to start it up again, because I know how many people swear by it, but I think I need a good journal to use. I’ve seen a couple of ‘guided’ journals with templates and prompts, which I think I might give a go.

4. Decaf coffee


Something we’ve recently run out of in the house and I keep forgetting to stock up on – decaf coffee! I love the comfort of a hot drink and I love the taste of coffee. However, it’s not always practical or sensible to be having a big dose of caffeine when I’m feeling anxious. This is why going decaf is such a saviour for me! I like the Douwe Egberts decaf coffee but there are loads of great options out there so you can find one to suit your taste. Of course, hot chocolate is always a good option too!

5. A Foot Spa


How decadent would it be to have a proper foot spa at home? At least I feel like it would! I would love to sit with my feet soaking and being massaged while I blog or watch a film… I just feel like that would be the ultimate in indulgent low-energy relaxation!

This was a short and very varied list, but I hope you’ve been inspired a little bit to indulge in some self-care and perhaps even treat yourself to one of these items! I am definitely going to keep squirreling away my spare cash to get a gravity blanket.

What would you add to this list?



24 thoughts on “My Self-Care Wishlist

  1. These all sound lovely! I feel the same way–I’ve been wanting a gravity blanket for a while but they’re so expensive! ☹️

    I’d add on a massage chair 😉 But I’m sure that would be ten times more expensive than the gravity blanket lol. A girl can dream. 😁

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    • I know, that’s why I haven’t got one yet! They’re made to fit your weight so I suppose they just are naturally going to be quite expensive.

      Oh my goodness, a massage chair would be so amazing! What a dream!

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  2. I’ve heard so many things about a gravity blanket and I think it would be so helpful for when you’re feeling down. Baths are my fave way to chill out so I’ll have to have a look at that bubble bar!

    Naomi xo

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  3. This is such a great list! I love that you mentioned coffee, I’d love to have a small gift of some coffees from around the world. I think I’d add to it a book or two on healing crystals or energy work – it’s something I’ve been interested in lately and I love to learn. Some days I think learning something new is the best self care I can do for myself.

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    • I’ve heard so many good reviews of them, I definitely think they’re worth looking into if you think they’d help you!
      A chunky cardigan is the best feeling ever – the only reason to miss the winter months! 🙂


  4. This is a great blogpost! I love the comforter too, it’s probably my favorite LUSH product. I hadn’t heard of a gravity blanket until now but now I really want one! Such a shame that it’s that expensive but I’m sure you’d get your money’s worth and I like that it’s made to fit!

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    • Thank you 🙂
      So few people seem to use the comforter, but it’s definitely my favourite! I just love the marshmallowey smell 🙂
      Sorry – I have put something pricey on your wishlist now too! But I’ve heard such good things about them, particularly for anyone with anxiety or other mental health difficulties.
      Really glad you liked this post 🙂


  5. These are great suggestions, Sammy! Baths are my favourite way to relax when I am feeling stressed or anxious, I’ve not heard of the bubble bar before, but I love marshmallows so need to check this out. Also, I wish I still had my foot spa, it was such a nice way to unwind, maybe I’ll have to invest in one again in the future. Thanks for sharing your ideas, lovely post ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  6. Aside from the coffee, this wish list could have been written by me! I’ve been wanting a gravity blanket for a long time for similar reasons to you – my anxiety is very sensory-based as well. If only they weren’t so expensive! 😭 This is a great wish list – it is sometimes the small things, like a Lush bar or a coffee, that can make a big difference. Great post!

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