My Self-Care Wishlist

An oldie but goodie… My self-care wishlist 🙂

The Self-Care Sloth

Self-care should be, and most often is, completely free and accessible to anyone at any time.
There are plenty of activities you can do for free that might help pick up your mood. However, sometimes there are some small (or not so small) things that can help us to calm down, relax or feel better.

Here is my wishlist of items that I would like to help me with my self-care. (Full credit goes to Mommin In The Real World who I originally saw post this style of list.)

  1. A gravity blanket

    This is the big one – I would absolutely love a gravity blanket. I do find that my reactions to my anxiety are quite sensory-based and that I react badly to noise/light/smells when I’m anxious. On top of this, I do find pressure helpful. I think I would be able to relax so much with a weighted blanket…

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4 thoughts on “My Self-Care Wishlist

  1. I can see how a lot of the items you’ve added here will help! I love the gratitude journal & I’m with you on the decaff, sometimes you just need the experience of coffee but without the side effects! x

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    • Thanks for your comment 🙂
      Decaff is such a life-saver! I love the ritual of making a coffee and I love the taste, but my anxiety doesn’t need all the caffeine!


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